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Mukim Senai Kulai,
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Johor, Malaysia.


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Product Type : Wood
Description :
The name chengal is so popular, that many other species have been given vernacular names bearing the name chengal. Neobalanocarpus is a monotypic genus. The sapwood is light yellow and sharply defined from the heartwood, which is light yellow-brown with a distinct green tinge, darkening on exposure to dark purple-brown or rust-red.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

It is slightly difficult to resaw and is easy to moderately easy to cross-cut. Planing is easy and the planed surface produced is smooth.


The timber is classified as naturally durable and is normally very resistant to termite attack and fungal infestation. Under graveyard test conditions, untreated specimens of size 50 mm x 50 mm x 600 mm lasted 9 years. Treated specimen of the same size and test conditions lasted about 19 years. Untreated railway sleepers of size 238 mm x 125 mm x 1,950 mm laid under severe environmental conditions gave an average service life of 19 years.

Chengal is a slow seasoning timber with very low shrinkage and dries with minimal degrade.

Boat building, Building construction, Canoes, Casks, Construction, Crossties, Dockwork, Factory construction, Flooring, Harbor work, Heavy construction, Joinery, Lifeboats, Railroad ties, Shipbuilding, Stakes, Utility poles, Vats, Vehicle parts


Size : 18mm x 90mm / 20mm x 95mm custom size
Price :
Availability : Yes

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